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‘1.1 Million Passengers Served by RSW in April’

May 19, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Southwest Florida International Airport experienced a significant increase in passenger traffic in April, welcoming 1,133,256 passengers, marking a 15% year-over-year rise. This surge in numbers represents the second-best April in the airport’s 41-year history, according to data from the Lee County Port Authority. Year to date, the airport has seen a 23% increase in passenger traffic.

In April, Delta emerged as the traffic leader with 224,456 passengers, followed by Southwest with 175,814 passengers, United with 171,987 passengers, American with 157,785 passengers, and JetBlue with 99,367 passengers. The airport also saw a total of 9,336 aircraft arrivals and departures, up by 11% compared to April 2023.

Meanwhile, Page Field in Fort Myers experienced a 19% decrease in traffic with 14,514 arrivals and departures in April 2023. The rise in passenger traffic at Southwest Florida International Airport reflects a positive trend in the region’s air travel industry, with airlines such as Delta, Southwest, United, American, and JetBlue playing a key role in driving growth at the airport.


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