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‘2024 Stockholm Water Prize awarded to Hydrologist Taikan Oki’

March 22, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Renowned hydrologist Taikan Oki has been awarded the prestigious Stockholm Water Prize for 2024 in recognition of his groundbreaking research on the virtual water trade, digital river mapping, and the integration of human activity into the water cycle.

Professor Oki, a leading expert in hydrology, is celebrated for his efforts to promote more sustainable water management practices globally. His work has facilitated the development of realistic climate adaptation strategies, the consideration of human influence on the water cycle, and a more precise understanding of river flows worldwide.

One of Oki’s key contributions includes the creation of a global river routing model known as the Total Runoff Integrating Pathways (TRIP) system, which is now utilized across the globe for climate applications and water resource assessments. Additionally, he was the first to accurately measure the concept of virtual water, which measures the water used in the production of goods and services. This research has provided valuable insights into food importation and its implications for the virtual water trade and water scarcity.

The Stockholm Water Prize Nominating Committee commended Oki for significantly advancing the nexus between hydrology, climate change, and sustainability. His exceptional scholarship, particularly through numerical modeling of complex systems, has shed light on the critical role of ‘total water storage’ in water management and climate change.

Expressing his gratitude for the recognition, Professor Oki expressed his commitment to mentor the younger generation and continue contributing to the field of hydrology to address global water challenges. He draws inspiration from past Stockholm Water Prize laureates, such as Professor Antony Allan, and former senior advisor at the Stockholm International Water Institute, Professor Malin Falkenmark.

The prestigious award will be presented to Professor Oki by H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden on August 28 at World Water Week in Stockholm. The Stockholm Water Prize, awarded by the Stockholm Water Foundation in collaboration with the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, recognizes individuals or organizations for their outstanding contributions to water-related issues.

Xylem, a leading water technology company, serves as a founding partner of the Stockholm Water Prize, demonstrating its dedication to solving water challenges and advancing sustainability. Additionally, Xylem supports the Stockholm Junior Water Prize and empowers the next generation of STEM professionals through its Xylem Ignite program, aimed at fostering innovative solutions to water-related issues.


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