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“2026 Mercedes V-Class Mule Teases an Electric and Autonomous Future”

April 25, 2024 | by The Jeuns

The next-generation Mercedes mid-size vans have been spotted, showing off the all-new VAN.EA platform they will ride on. Spy photographers have captured a mule for the upcoming Mercedes V-Class / Vito, hinting at a completely redesigned model. Despite being nearly a decade old, this new iteration features several updates and improvements.

The VAN.EA platform, specifically designed for battery electric vehicles, will underpin the new vans. Although many features of the current model seem to have carried over, such as the greenhouse and bodywork, the mule showcases modifications to the front end and extended side skirts. Temporary taillights, an extreme diffuser, and wider fender flares hint at a more modern and dynamic design.

Notably, the van is equipped with various sensors, including those under the mirrors, indicating the inclusion of Level 2 semi-autonomous driving technology at launch. Mercedes has hinted at the possibility of a Level 3 system by the end of the decade, with commercial variants aiming for Level 4 autonomy.

While details about the vans remain scarce, Mercedes has hinted at offering a more luxurious version of the V-Class in the U.S., emphasizing an unparalleled luxury positioning. These models will be based on the VAN.EA platform, set to debut in 2026 for battery electric vehicles. Front- and rear-wheel drive options, as well as various battery capacities, will be available for customers to choose from.

Overall, the upcoming Mercedes mid-size vans are set to bring a blend of luxury, technology, and innovation to the market, catering to the needs of sophisticated customers.


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