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Advanced generative AI features included in latest Photoshop beta

April 25, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Adobe recently unveiled the all-new Photoshop beta at its MAX London conference. This updated version of Photoshop introduces enhanced AI-powered features such as Generative Fill and Generate Image, both powered by Adobe’s Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model.

The Generative Fill feature has been improved to allow users to add AI-generated elements to their images, rather than just extending or removing elements. Now, users can also select a reference image for the AI to use as inspiration, ensuring more control over the final result of the image generated by AI.

Another new feature, Text to Image with Generate Image, uses Firefly to create a new image, bridging the gap between a blank canvas and inspirational results. This feature provides users with a new starting point for their work, alongside starting with a blank image or importing an existing one.

In addition to these AI features, the Photoshop beta includes features like Generate Background, Generate Similar, and Enhance Detail to enhance the overall editing experience. The program also introduces a new Adjustment Brush for non-destructive adjustments, an improved Font Browser with access to 25,000 fonts, and Adjustment Presets for filter effects application.

According to Ashley Still, senior vice president of the Creative Product Group at Adobe, this update takes creativity to new heights, making editing images more powerful and accessible for both professionals and newcomers to Photoshop. The integration of Firefly-powered features in Photoshop aims to bring ideation and creation closer together, allowing users to realize their creative vision more effectively.

Overall, the new features in Photoshop showcase the capabilities of Adobe’s generative AI technology within the program. The company’s commitment to AI ethics principles ensures that the generated content will have tamper-evident metadata attached, showcasing whether AI was used in the creation or editing process.

The new features are currently available in the Photoshop desktop beta app and will be released in a full version later this year.


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