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AI applications offer flexibility and additional time for patients during health-care challenges in the EMEA region.

April 23, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Healthcare institutions are evolving from traditional paper scheduling to AI-powered tools to streamline administrative tasks and prioritize patient care. The transition to advanced technology was catalyzed by a collaboration between forward-thinking hospital executives, a Swiss health-care scheduling software company, Microsoft experts, and Andri Puorger, a Microsoft Switzerland Account Technology Strategist for Healthcare.

Inspired by his partner, who works in the intensive care unit of a Zurich hospital, Puorger recognized the challenges faced by healthcare professionals due to outdated scheduling methods. Motivated to innovate, he approached Polypoint, a Swiss company specializing in health-care scheduling software, to explore a partnership. Thomas Buerdel, the Head of Innovation at Polypoint, was initially hesitant due to the company’s size but was intrigued by the potential collaboration.

Puorger’s vision of integrating Polypoint’s AI-powered scheduling system into a Teams app resonated with both companies. By leveraging Microsoft’s technology, Polypoint’s expertise in Swiss healthcare regulations, and LUKS hospital’s support, the team embarked on a journey to revolutionize healthcare scheduling. The collaboration not only aimed to enhance efficiency but also to make the technology accessible to hospital staff through their smartphones.

The partnership between Microsoft, Polypoint, and LUKS exemplifies a shift towards intelligent technology in healthcare. By combining resources, expertise, and innovative ideas, these stakeholders aim to improve scheduling processes, alleviate the burden on healthcare professionals, and ultimately enhance patient care outcomes. The successful collaboration highlights the power of teamwork, leveraging AI tools to drive positive change in the healthcare industry.


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