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AI + Firefly 3 Integration in Premiere Pro and After Effects by Rich Young

April 24, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Adobe’s latest announcement at NAB teased multiple AI-enhanced tools coming to Premiere Pro. These features will integrate OpenAI Sora, Runway Gen 2, and Pikalabs, as well as Firefly video. Although specifics on release dates and effects in other Adobe Video & Motion apps are still unclear, some hints can be gathered.

At MAX London, Adobe also revealed their Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model, expected to provide more photorealistic output with greater detail and accuracy in a new Photoshop Beta. This update will include new gen AI features like Generate Image and Generative Fill with Reference Image.

Fans of After Effects may be disappointed to learn that Premiere Pro seems to be receiving more advanced development focus. However, Firefly video is anticipated for commercial use by the end of the year, with embedded content credentials for safe use.

The emphasis on Premiere Pro may help retain users who might be considering the less expensive DaVinci Resolve unless they integrate 3rd-party AI tools. A new hope for After Effects users is the mention of a “massive investment in 3D,” although details remain scarce.

Various video channels have provided unique insights and analyses on the upcoming AI features in Premiere Pro and After Effects. Adobe’s collaboration with other services, like OpenAI, was highlighted as a key factor in the software’s future success.

Overall, the upcoming AI advancements in Adobe’s software suite show promise for enhancing video editing capabilities. Fans and industry experts are eagerly anticipating the official release of Firefly video and the integration of AI tools in Adobe’s creative applications.


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