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AI-Powered Application Developed to Revolutionise Social Media Management

May 14, 2024 | by The Jeuns

BIGR Social launched its early access platform in May 2024 with a mission to revolutionize the way small businesses approach social media management. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), BIGR Social aims to streamline the process of creating and scheduling personalized social media posts for businesses, ultimately saving owners time and effort.

Using AI technology, BIGR Social analyzes a business’s online presence and generates tailored posts complete with captions, images, and hashtags. These posts are scheduled for optimal performance on various platforms, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement. This innovative approach allows small business owners to focus on other aspects of their operations while their social media presence is efficiently managed.

Partnering with DEPT, a digital product design expert with a deep understanding of AI technologies, BIGR Social is able to develop a cutting-edge automation solution that adapts to the unique tone of voice of each business. By leveraging information from the business website and existing social posts, the AI can create captions that align with the brand’s identity and messaging.

BIGR Social’s CEO, Chris Smith, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration with AWS and DEPT, emphasizing their shared commitment to innovation and digital transformation. Chris De Vere, senior account director of digital products at DEPT, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the team’s excitement for the project and their dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology.

Overall, BIGR Social’s innovative approach to social media management is poised to make a significant impact on the marketing space for small and medium businesses. With a focus on efficiency, effectiveness, and innovation, BIGR Social is set to transform the way businesses engage with their online audience.


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