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‘Aim for First All-Civilian Space Walk with SpaceX’s Private Polaris Program’

May 26, 2024 | by The Jeuns

The Polaris Dawn mission, set to launch this summer, is making history with the first-ever all-civilian spacewalk. This groundbreaking mission, part of the Polaris Program, aims to push the boundaries of commercial space exploration and is funded by billionaire Jared Isaacman.

The crew of Polaris Dawn includes Isaacman as the Mission Commander, Scott Poteet as the Mission Pilot, Sarah Gillis as the Mission Specialist, and Anna Menon as the Mission Specialist and Medical Officer. These four civilians will spend up to five days in space, reaching an altitude of 435 miles (700 kilometers) to conduct the historic spacewalk.

The mission will also focus on research into the effects of radiation and microgravity on human health, as well as testing laser communications via Starlink satellites. While the launch of Polaris Dawn has faced delays, primarily due to the development of the new EVA suit, the mission is set to pave the way for future commercial space operations.

While details about the upcoming Polaris Missions II and III are scarce, they are expected to build upon the findings of Polaris Dawn. Polaris Mission II will continue where Dawn leaves off, while Mission III will involve the first crewed flight of SpaceX’s Starship. The launch window for Polaris Dawn is approaching, with specifics for Missions II and III yet to be determined.

As the Polaris Dawn mission prepares to make history with the first all-civilian spacewalk, the world watches eagerly to see what new frontiers in space exploration will be reached.


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