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Alert: Recall for Hyundai and Genesis EV Vehicles

March 21, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Hyundai and its luxury division, Genesis, have announced a recall of approximately 99,000 electric vehicles in the United States due to a charging issue that can lead to a loss of drive power. The affected models include:

This problem is related to a fuse for the auxiliary 12-volt battery, which helps start the vehicle and power certain accessories. In the event that the fuse triggers, the vehicle will enter a fail-safe driving mode. This mode allows for immediate full propulsion while gradually reducing motive power over time. Important safety systems such as airbags, brakes, and power steering will remain operational during this period.

While in fail-safe mode, drivers can still operate the vehicle for a short distance to pull over to a safe location. However, the car will eventually lose all motive power. Drivers will receive warnings prompting them to pull over safely.

Authorized dealers will inspect the fuse, replace it if necessary, and update the software to prevent the issue from recurring. It’s important to note that recall repairs are always free of charge.

It is common for manufacturers to issue recalls, and they make every effort to notify all affected owners. However, not all owners may receive the notification. To check if your vehicle is part of any recall, you can visit our recall center for more information.


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