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Andrew Cron Appointed Chief Data Officer at Invafresh

April 24, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Invafresh, a grocery tech platform, has appointed Andrew Cron as its new chief data officer. Cron will play a key role in the company’s expansion efforts by leveraging AI-powered technology to help grocery retailers optimize their merchandising and replenishment operations.

CEO Tim Spencer expressed confidence in Cron’s ability to strengthen the company’s capabilities in AI-enabled technologies. He believes Cron will help deliver value for consumers across various aspects of the supply chain, including customer service, labor efficiencies, sustainability, and decision-making.

Before joining Invafresh, Cron served as senior vice president and chief scientist at Kroger’s retail media company 84.51. In his role, he led a large team of researchers, data scientists, and engineers, overseeing R&D, data analytics, and data monetization efforts for in-store and supply chain operations.

With a background in senior data scientist roles at companies like Citadel LLC, Weinrub Analytics, and MaxPoint, Cron brings extensive experience in driving technology-powered business transformations. He is excited to work with the Invafresh team to explore how AI technology can address industry-wide challenges in the grocery retail sector and help optimize fresh food operations for customers worldwide.


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