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‘Apple’s New AI Model ReALM Outperforms OpenAI’s GPT4’

April 2, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Apple researchers have recently unveiled a groundbreaking AI model called ReALM, designed to understand and effectively handle various contexts. This innovative language model allows users to make inquiries about on-screen content or background processes, with ReALM providing accurate and relevant responses.

This marks the third paper on AI that Apple has published in recent months, hinting at the upcoming AI features to be integrated into iOS 18, macOS 15, and other Apple operating systems. The research highlights the importance of reference resolution in understanding and managing different contexts, emphasizing the effectiveness of ReALM in resolving references of various types by leveraging language modeling techniques.

An example provided in the study showcases how ReALM can interpret user requests for nearby pharmacies, enabling users to specify which location to call based on on-screen information. This level of context understanding sets ReALM apart from existing virtual assistants like Siri, as it can process on-device data and provide accurate responses.

Apple researchers envision utilizing ReALM for tasks involving onscreen entities, conversational entities, and background entities, revolutionizing the way AI interacts with users across various platforms. Moreover, Apple asserts that ReALM surpasses ChatGPT’s GPT-4 in its ability to contextualize images, enhancing performance in tasks like onscreen reference resolution.

Overall, Apple’s latest AI model represents a significant advancement in language modeling technology, offering a more sophisticated and contextually aware solution for users interacting with AI systems.


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