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Are Peppers Categorized as Fruits or Vegetables, and Does It Truly Make a Difference?

April 25, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Peppers: Fruit or Vegetable?

The age-old debate continues – are peppers considered fruits or vegetables? According to scientists, the answer is clear-cut: peppers are indeed fruits. By Britannica’s definition, fruits are characterized by having at least one seed and growing from the flower of a plant. This reproductive mechanism allows plants to spread their seeds and reproduce. Therefore, peppers like habanero, poblano, and bell peppers are not a part of the plant itself, but rather a product produced by the plant, always carrying the seed or seeds of the parent plant.

While it may be easy to visualize seeds in fruits like avocados, lemons, apples, blackberries, kiwis, or grapefruits, imagining seeds inside peppers, especially the fiery ones, is no challenge. Interestingly, some foods we often think of as vegetables, like pea pods and green beans, are scientifically classified as fruits.

However, as humans, our perspective on food differs from that of scientists. When it comes to peppers, we are more concerned with how they enhance dishes – whether in hash browns O’Brien, roasted on pizza, or mixed into a stir fry. For most cooks and consumers, peppers are commonly classified as vegetables for culinary purposes, regardless of their scientific classification as fruits.


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