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Bentley to Reduce Development Time of New Models with Advanced Driving Simulation

May 3, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Bentley, the prestigious luxury car manufacturer, is making strides in the development of its new models by incorporating advanced technology. The company has announced that it will be using a Compact Full Spectrum Driving Simulator to reduce real-world testing and cut down on prototypes’ CO2 emissions significantly.

This cutting-edge driving simulator will be installed at Bentley’s Dream Factory in Crewe, allowing the automaker to test various aspects of their upcoming vehicles virtually. By integrating this simulator into their development process, Bentley aims to speed up the development timeline by minimizing their reliance on real-world testing in distant locations.

According to Charlie Smith, a key figure in Virtual Vehicle Engineering at Bentley, the introduction of this state-of-the-art system represents a significant advancement in the brand’s virtual development capabilities. The simulator will enable the refinement of core Bentley attributes in a dynamic, driver-in-the-loop virtual environment like never before.

The simulator, developed in Italy by VI-grade, will simulate road surfaces, including potholes and bumps, to assess ride comfort, cabin acoustics, and vibrations before a new prototype is road-ready. This strategic move is expected to accelerate the product development cycle while reducing the need for physical prototypes and extensive physical tests.

In addition to enhancing the development process, the driving simulator will also contribute to sustainability efforts by saving around 85 tons of CO2 emissions per vehicle prototype. By running approximately 350 fewer days of road testing, Bentley will lessen its environmental impact and align with its commitment to luxury and performance.

The introduction of the Compact Full Spectrum Driving Simulator represents a significant leap forward for Bentley as it continues to innovate and lead in the luxury automobile industry. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and sustainability, Bentley is setting a new benchmark for the development of premium vehicles.


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