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‘Building an Empathetic Culture for Business Success’

June 3, 2024 | by The Jeuns

In today’s competitive global economy, Gomathy Periathiruvadi, the CFO of Alita Systems and president of Gove Technologies, underscores the significance of company culture in influencing key business outcomes. Periathiruvadi posits that leaders often face challenges in instigating meaningful cultural changes within their organizations due to the dynamic nature of culture. To uphold a robust company culture, leaders must extend the same level of respect and care to employees as they do to customers and partners. According to Periathiruvadi, empathy is vital in establishing and sustaining a positive company culture, with a genuine cultural transformation necessitating leadership involvement.

Emphasizing the role of empathy in driving favorable results in the workplace, Periathiruvadi points to a 2021 PwC survey revealing that organizations adapting their culture amidst the pandemic gained a competitive edge, with 69% of respondents acknowledging the critical role of culture in their success. By nurturing a culture of empathy, employees become more dedicated, connected, and motivated, leading to heightened productivity and decreased burnout. Periathiruvadi advocates for the importance of valuing and supporting employees to cultivate a favorable work environment that enhances employee happiness and productivity.

In Periathiruvadi’s organization, leadership places a premium on engaging with employees empathetically. For instance, team members who work late to assist U.S. clients are not expected to resume work at their usual time the following morning. This approach stands in contrast to many companies where employees are often treated as mere cogs in the machine rather than respected individuals. Periathiruvadi’s objective is to foster an environment where all employees feel respected and trusted, with a commitment to employees mirroring their dedication to the company. By promoting an inclusive culture that amplifies all employees’ voices, leaders can establish a workplace where everyone feels valued and included.

Periathiruvadi stresses the importance of listening to all employees regardless of their seniority, underscoring that effective communication is foundational to creating a positive company culture. By investing in new hires and taking an interest in their backgrounds and skills, leaders can spark a culture of innovation and growth within their organizations. Periathiruvadi urges leaders to prioritize internal culture and institute a culture of empathy to drive pivotal business outcomes and foster innovation within their organizations. Through investing in employees, respecting their contributions, and nurturing a culture of inclusivity, leaders can foster a workplace where employees feel fulfilled, engaged, and motivated.

Ultimately, Periathiruvadi’s experiences underscore the leadership role of empathy and the profound influence of company culture on business outcomes. By prioritizing respect, care, and inclusivity, leaders can establish a positive work environment where employees feel appreciated, supported, and inspired to contribute to the organization’s prosperity. Periathiruvadi’s guidance serves as a poignant reminder to all leaders to consider the impact of internal culture on their business and to focus on fostering a culture of empathy to drive innovation and success.


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