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Celebrate Earth Day at Eco-Friendly Hotels in North America – Islands

April 22, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Vancouver Island in British Columbia is a paradise for ecotourism enthusiasts. Located in Victoria at the island’s southern tip, the Inn at Laurel Point is setting a sustainability benchmark. Perched overlooking Victoria’s Inner Harbour, this hotel achieved the milestone of becoming British Columbia’s first carbon-neutral hotel back in 2009. Eda Koot, the general manager, emphasizes their commitment to regenerative travel, aiming not just to reduce their environmental impact but also to restore balance to the climate.

The core of the hotel’s sustainable practices lies in its design, with a hydrothermal system efficiently regulating the temperature and minimizing energy consumption. While guests may not see these behind-the-scenes efforts, they significantly contribute to the hotel’s eco-friendly operations.

The Inn at Laurel Point goes above and beyond by donating unused bath products, repurposing old linens, and practicing composting. Furthermore, the hotel is home to 60,000 honeybees in its gardens, crucial for pollination in the ecosystem. To ensure the comfort of guests, the bees are discreetly kept in a secluded corner of the gardens.

In addition to these initiatives, the hotel actively supports local environmental organizations dedicated to reforestation on Vancouver Island and preserving habitats for wildlife in the Great Bear Rainforest. By choosing to stay at the Inn at Laurel Point, guests contribute to the conservation efforts of the coastal rainforest, making their stay not just a luxurious experience but also an eco-conscious one.


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