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CEO of Company Resigns, QA Tools Launched

April 23, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Calabrio recently announced that former CEO Kevin Jones has departed the company, with Joel Martins, the current CTO, stepping in as the interim CEO. The company is actively searching for a new full-time CEO to lead the organization.

During his brief 13-month tenure as CEO, Jones succeeded Thomas Goodmanson but is no longer with the company as of February. In the meantime, Martins is managing the executive team and overseeing Calabrio’s product and development teams while also serving as the interim CEO.

Despite the leadership changes, Calabrio continues to innovate and recently launched AI-driven bot Analytics tools aimed at enhancing Quality Management for contact centers. These tools are designed to provide improved performance data and insights to optimize the user experience. By organizing transcript conversations by topic, the tool simplifies issue resolution and enhances the quality of chatbot and voicebot performance.

Martins highlighted the significance of the new solution, emphasizing its ability to improve interactions, cost savings, and overall customer and agent experiences. This latest development underscores Calabrio’s commitment to leveraging AI to enhance its customer experience offerings, following its acquisition of Wysdom earlier in 2024.

Prior to his role at Calabrio, Jones was the CEO of Rackspace Technology, where he played a pivotal role in expanding the company’s global presence and revenue. However, his tenure ended in November 2022 due to strategic differences with the executive team. On the other hand, Martins, who joined Calabrio as CTO in May last year, has quickly taken on the responsibilities of acting CEO amidst the leadership transition.

While Calabrio has not confirmed whether Martins is a candidate for the permanent CEO position, his experience in various CTO roles suggests that he could potentially be considered for the role. The company’s focus on AI-driven solutions and commitment to enhancing customer experience indicates a promising future under Martins’ interim leadership.


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