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Chrome’s address bar receives assistance from AI

April 30, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Google is ramping up its utilization of AI technology with the introduction of new AI features in its products, such as Chrome. In a recent post on the Chromium Blog, it was announced that Google is incorporating additional AI tools into its browser, specifically focusing on enhancing the functionality of the address bar in Chrome.

The address bar in Chrome, also known as the omnibox, already offers users suggested search queries and URLs, making searches quicker and more convenient. However, Google aims to further improve the accuracy and relevance of these suggestions by integrating AI into the omnibox.

Previously, Google relied on hand-built formulas for the omnibox’s scoring system, which had limitations in adapting to new scenarios. By implementing machine learning, the system can now autonomously learn what is relevant and adjust its suggestions accordingly. For instance, if a user selects a suggested URL and then returns to the address bar for another search, the system will lower the relevancy score of that URL for future suggestions.

Moreover, machine learning enables the omnibox to provide more personalized and dynamic suggestions based on the time of day or specific user behavior. This innovative use of AI technology holds promise for delivering more accurate and tailored search results to Chrome users moving forward.


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