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‘City of Swansea Embraces Sustainable Practices’

May 9, 2024 | by The Jeuns

A major green energy, transport hub, and port development project in Swansea, U.K., has reached a significant milestone with the finalization of land agreements. This project aims to transform urban regeneration by embracing clean energy principles.

The recent COP28 conference shed light on the importance of turning past commitments into tangible actions. The Global Stocktake provides an opportunity for countries and stakeholders to assess progress towards the goals of the Paris Agreement. By identifying areas of improvement and working collaboratively on solutions, the project aims to advance towards a greener future beyond 2030.

Located in South Wales, the initiative, led by HDR in partnership with Swansea Council, DST Innovations, Batri, and Enable, has renewable energy at its core. The project includes innovative features such as a tidal lagoon, floating solar farm, and eco-friendly homes. Richard Morgan, divisional director, shared insights on this groundbreaking scheme in a recent Property Week article.

To learn more about the project, you can read the article “Swansea Pioneers a Green Model” on page 33. This project represents a significant step towards sustainable urban development and clean energy innovation.


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