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‘Company Acquires First Mobile Transformer’

May 21, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Avangrid recently made an exciting announcement about acquiring its first mobile transformer. This innovative piece of equipment can be quickly deployed to resolve outages, significantly reducing downtime at the company’s wind and solar operations across the United States.

The mobile transformer, consisting of three modules, will be transported to the site on trailers pulled by semi-trucks. Avangrid’s CEO, Pedro Azagra, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating that the new addition to Avangrid’s toolkit will enhance the resiliency and reliability of their renewable energy assets. This will ensure that clean energy continues to flow to customers without disruptions.

The 168 megavolt-ampere (MVA) mobile transformer was custom-made for Avangrid and purchased from Hitachi Energy. It boasts multi-voltage capabilities, allowing for deployment and installation within a couple of months at any of Avangrid’s onshore wind and solar facilities. Additionally, the transformer’s technology enables it to have a low profile and withstand higher-than-normal transport accelerations.

This strategic investment in a mobile transformer aligns with Avangrid’s mission to accelerate the clean energy transition and deliver reliable services to customers. With this new addition to their equipment lineup, Avangrid is well-equipped to handle transformer issues swiftly and efficiently, ensuring uninterrupted clean energy supply.

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