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Completion of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Quantification Project for FPSOs in Brazil by MODEC

May 3, 2024 | by The Jeuns

MODEC, in collaboration with JGC Corporation, has successfully completed a groundbreaking project to analyze and quantify the emissions of methane and other greenhouse gases from FPSOs located off the coast of Brazil. These FPSOs are chartered and operated by MODEC, marking a significant milestone in the efforts to understand and address major GHG emissions.

This endeavor marks the first time that Japanese companies have gained precise insights into the volume of methane, nitrous oxide, and hydrofluorocarbons emitted by active FPSOs. The emissions quantification project took place from July to September 2023 at two FPSOs chartered by MODEC off the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

Recognizing the limitations of desktop calculations using common coefficients, there has been a global push for emissions to be accurately measured on-site. Therefore, MODEC and JGC deployed two methods for measurement: a bottom-up approach utilizing handheld sensors and infrared cameras to assess potential methane emission points within the FPSOs, and a top-down approach involving drones to capture the methane emissions from a plant-wide perspective.

This meticulous methodology aligns with the reporting framework set by the Oil & Gas Methane Partnership 2.0 (OGMP 2.0), an international program focused on mitigating methane emissions in the oil and gas sector. By meeting the requirements of levels 4 and 5 within the reporting framework, MODEC and JGC have set a new standard for emissions quantification in the industry.


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