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Construction set to begin this month for the first EV charging highway

April 2, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Purdue University and the Indiana Department of Transportation have joined forces to create the first EV charging highway. The construction of a test segment is set to begin this month on U.S. Highway 231/U.S. Highway 52 in West Lafayette.

The innovative highway testbed will feature a patent-pending system designed to provide power to heavy-duty electric trucks traveling at highway speeds. The ultimate goal is to establish a model for EV-charging highways that can be replicated across the country, allowing electric vehicles of all sizes to recharge while on the move.

By reducing the need for frequent recharging stops and addressing concerns about a lack of EV infrastructure nationwide, this initiative aims to revolutionize the transportation sector. The project will cater to a range of electric vehicles, from Teslas to semi-trucks, making the adoption of electric vehicles more accessible and cost-effective for businesses.

While construction on the test bed is set to commence on April 1, actual testing of the components is expected to take place next year. This groundbreaking project distinguishes itself from other states’ efforts to test wireless charging roads by focusing on an entire EV-charging highway.

Engineers at Purdue University emphasize the unique challenge of developing a system capable of charging heavy-duty trucks. This focus on heavy-duty vehicles could lead to significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and potentially enable the use of smaller batteries in trucks, lowering production costs and increasing affordability for businesses.

While the success of this initiative is yet to be determined, the collaboration between Purdue University and the Indiana Department of Transportation signifies a major step forward in sustainable transportation solutions. The project’s success could have far-reaching implications for the future of electric vehicle infrastructure in the United States.


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