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Creating a Remote-Controlled Lunar Terrain Vehicle at the Lunar Outpost

April 15, 2024 | by The Jeuns

NASA has partnered with three companies, Intuitive Machines, Lunar Outpost, and Venturi Astrolab, to develop a lunar terrain vehicle (LTV) for the Artemis campaign. The goal is to establish a permanent base on the Moon and prepare for human missions to Mars. Lunar Outpost has been awarded the contract to build the LTV, with support from Lockheed Martin, General Motors, Goodyear, and MDA Space.

The electric LTV will be designed to withstand the harsh conditions on the Moon, providing astronauts with a faster and easier way to explore, transport equipment, and collect samples. Lunar Outpost promises a vehicle that requires minimal maintenance, with a strong focus on astronaut safety and comfort.

In addition to transporting humans, the LTV can also be operated remotely, allowing NASA to conduct missions without a crew. This feature enables Lunar Outpost and other companies to carry out commercial projects and deliveries. Jacob Bleacher, Chief Exploration Scientist at NASA, emphasizes the vehicle’s role in expanding exploration capabilities and facilitating new scientific discoveries on the Moon.

For more updates and information, interested individuals can visit Lunar Outpost’s website. The site also offers opportunities to book payloads and contribute to infrastructure and research projects. It’s important to note that the images included in this article are conceptual designs.


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