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Creators Able to Collect Pledges After Campaign Ends

May 22, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Kickstarter has introduced a significant new feature, Late Pledges, allowing creators to continue collecting pledges even after their campaign comes to an end. This move by one of the leading crowdsourcing platforms is set to revolutionize how creators receive ongoing support for their projects.

Traditionally, once a campaign on Kickstarter concluded, supporters had no direct way to continue making contributions through the platform. Some projects resorted to using third-party options for post-campaign support. However, with the introduction of Late Pledges, Kickstarter has eliminated the need for creators to take that extra step.

According to a recent blog post by the company, Late Pledges was initially tested by a select group of creators in April. This new feature allows creators who have successfully reached their funding goals to keep collecting pledges even after the official campaign end date. The results from the initial testing phase have been encouraging, with one creator raising an additional 35% of their original goal within two weeks through Late Pledges.

The good news is that Late Pledges is now available to all Kickstarter creators globally. This means that creators who meet their funding targets have the opportunity to maintain the momentum, attract more backers, and achieve greater success even after their campaign has ended.

This announcement is sure to benefit creators and their supporters, providing a seamless way for individuals to continue supporting their favorite projects. With Late Pledges, Kickstarter is making it easier for creators to receive ongoing support from their community, ultimately leading to more successful projects.


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