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Delicious AI-Generated Soup Recipe Worth Trying

April 18, 2024 | by The Jeuns

A groundbreaking development in the world of food has emerged with the creation of Giuseppe, an AI designed to tackle the challenge of creating innovative plant-based alternatives for traditional dishes. Known for its successful substitutes for milk, cheese, and chicken, Giuseppe faced a new hurdle when tasked with replicating the unique characteristics of turtle meat for a soup recipe.

Chef Oka stepped in to provide his expertise and educate Giuseppe on the qualities of turtle meat, while the AI analyzed thousands of plants at a molecular level to recreate the essence of turtle meat in the soup. After presenting eight possible recipes, real chefs collaborated with Giuseppe to fine-tune the final recipe, ensuring it accurately mirrored the texture and taste of traditional turtle soup.

The culmination of this efforts led to a taste test in Peru, a region known for its affinity for turtle soup. Local residents were pleasantly surprised by the similarity of the plant-based soup to their beloved dish, sparking interest in shifting away from turtle-based soup. NotCo, the company behind Giuseppe, now plans to share the recipe through an online class aimed at promoting sustainable, plant-based alternatives.

Whether you’re looking to satisfy a craving for a familiar flavor or are curious to experience the unique taste of turtle soup for the first time, you can enroll in a Not Turtle cooking class on their website ( Embrace the future of food innovation and explore the possibilities of plant-based cooking with Giuseppe and NotCo.


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