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‘Digitally Transforming Warehouse Operations’

May 9, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Navigating Supply Chain Dynamics

In today’s manufacturing landscape, navigating the complexities of supply chain dynamics is crucial. Manufacturers walk a fine line between supply chain risks and opportunities, requiring quick access to inventory, demand, and supplier information. Effective supplier collaboration is key, encompassing various aspects such as delivery, quality assurance, invoicing, and sourcing. This is where QAD steps in, offering solutions like accurate planning and digital connectivity to help prevent overstocking and ensure product availability.

QAD’s Adaptive ERP system, especially its Supply Chain module, plays a vital role in managing the challenges of global supply chains. By providing a range of tools for risk management, supplier performance improvement, planning, and forecasting, it facilitates efficient warehousing and delivery processes. Some notable features include Action Centres for operational insights, Distribution Requirements Planning for demand forecasting, and Supplier Performance monitoring.

Celebrating Success at Teamwork 2024

Recently, QAD hosted Teamwork 2024, its annual global partner event, in Barcelona. The event honored achievements and acknowledged outstanding contributions from partners worldwide. Over 200 attendees from 39 partner companies across 60 countries gathered to celebrate. Awards were presented to top-performing companies such as Tata Consultancy Services and Atturra, highlighting the critical role partnerships play in QAD’s continued growth and success.


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