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Discover Frank Lloyd Wright’s Vision for a Famous American City as Never Seen Before

April 15, 2024 | by The Jeuns

A new exhibit titled “Exploring Frank Lloyd Wright’s Southwestern Pennsylvania” has opened to the public, offering a unique insight into the legendary architect’s vision for the region. Co-organized by the Westmoreland Museum of American Art and Fallingwater, the exhibit showcases both realized and unrealized projects by Wright, providing visitors with a comprehensive view of his architectural vision.

To bring these imagined structures to life, Skyline Ink Animators + Illustrators have created realistic animated films, allowing guests to virtually explore Wright’s designs. The exhibit features three films highlighting the unbuilt projects, with a focus on materials, textures, light, and shadow.

In addition to the animated films, visitors will also have the opportunity to view Wright’s original drawings on display. Aileen Fuchs, president and executive director of the National Building Museum, expressed excitement about the exhibit, stating, “We are thrilled to have ‘Exploring Frank Lloyd Wright’s Southwestern Pennsylvania’ on view at the museum. By presenting both realized and unrealized projects, the exhibition offers a new perspective on this legendary architect.”

The exhibit also delves into the involvement of Kaufmann and other key individuals in Wright’s projects in the area. “Exploring Frank Lloyd Wright’s Southwestern Pennsylvania” will be open to the public until March 17, 2025, with the hope of sparking curiosity and a deeper understanding of the impact of architecture on urban, suburban, and rural landscapes.


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