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‘Eco-Friendly Concrete Production in Calgary with Carbon Upcycling Technologies’

April 24, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Carbon Upcycling Technologies, Inc., a leading company in circular decarbonization solutions, has successfully delivered 200 tonnes of CO2-enhanced fly ash to BURNCO Rock Products, Ltd. This delivery marks a significant milestone in the effort to integrate low-carbon concrete into infrastructure projects in the City of Calgary.

The collaboration between Carbon Upcycling and BURNCO was made possible by a .4 million grant from Emissions Reduction Alberta’s Circular Economy Grant. This grant supports projects that promote sustainability and reduce environmental impact.

Carbon Upcycling’s innovative technology captures CO2 from flue gas and utilizes it to enhance materials like fly ash, creating sustainable alternatives to cement. This process not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also turns waste materials into valuable resources for more eco-friendly industrial processes.

Apoorv Sinha, Co-founder and CEO of Carbon Upcycling Technologies, emphasizes how their technology is revolutionizing the construction industry by providing a practical solution to lower carbon emissions and produce high-quality, sustainable concrete. By harnessing CO2 and waste, the company is working towards minimizing environmental impacts and driving innovation in construction practices.

The partnership between Carbon Upcycling and BURNCO has already resulted in the use of over 2,000 tonnes of CO2-enhanced materials in various Alberta infrastructure projects. These projects, including sidewalks, housing foundations, and pathways at Telus Spark and the Calgary Zoo, exemplify a commitment to sustainable infrastructure development and a reduction in carbon footprint in construction.

Norm Kuntz of BURNCO expressed excitement about the ongoing collaboration with Carbon Upcycling, stating their commitment to integrating low-carbon concrete further into their projects. This aligns with BURNCO’s sustainability goals and allows them to offer environmentally responsible options to customers without compromising quality or performance.

The partnership between Carbon Upcycling Technologies and BURNCO underscores a shared dedication to innovation and sustainability in the construction sector. Through their cutting-edge technologies and collaborative efforts, they are working towards making carbon capture and utilization essential components of global emissions reduction strategies.


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