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Electric Delivery Van for USPS Spotted with Custom Features in the Wild

May 10, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Commercial electric vehicle (EV) startup Canoo has delivered at least one electric delivery van to the United States Postal Service (USPS). The customized Canoo LDV 190 boasts USPS badging and design modifications from the original renderings.

Canoo has been navigating the thin line between EV production and concept cars for years, showing resilience despite setbacks. The company managed to bounce back with positive news, such as a recent reverse stock split that led to a surge in stock prices after its EV production facility in Oklahoma received Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) approval.

Having secured customers like Wal-Mart, Kingbee, NASA, and USPS, Canoo is making strides in the market. The USPS purchased six LDV 190 delivery vans from Canoo, designed for right-hand driving by postal workers.

Images posted by a user on social media show the Canoo van in Atlanta, revealing differences from the original renderings. Modifications include traditional door handles, an additional window on the compartment door, extra mirrors, new lighting mechanisms, and improved wheels.

Although Canoo and USPS have not provided updates on the pilot project, the USPS is testing the vans. The LDV 190 could be a stylish addition to USPS’s delivery fleet, potentially focusing on packages due to its size. More information is expected, with Canoo’s Q1 2024 financial report set for release on May 14 at 5 PM ET.

Overall, Canoo’s collaboration with USPS showcases the partnership’s commitment to electrification and innovative solutions for commercial electric vehicle transportation.


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