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‘Electric Vehicle Charged from 10-80% in 10 Minutes by Polestar and StoreDot’

April 30, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Polestar and StoreDot showcase groundbreaking fast-charging technology in electric vehicle demo

Polestar, in collaboration with StoreDot, has achieved a major milestone by showcasing StoreDot’s Extreme Fast Charging (XFC) technology in a car for the first time. During the demonstration, a Polestar 5 prototype was charged from 10-80% in just 10 minutes, marking a significant advancement in fast-charging capabilities for electric vehicles.

The driveable verification prototype displayed a consistent charge rate, starting at 310 kW and peaking at over 370 kW towards the end of the charging process. This successful demonstration highlights Polestar’s dedication to delivering top-notch driving experiences through cutting-edge technology partnerships.

The specially designed 77 kWh battery pack used in the test has the potential to be increased to at least 100 kWh, potentially adding 200 miles (320 km) of range to a mid-sized electric car in just 10 minutes. This breakthrough in XFC technology represents a major step forward in electric vehicle charging efficiency.

StoreDot’s XFC technology utilizes silicon-dominant cells with energy density comparable to NMC cells, eliminating the need for specialized cooling systems in the vehicle. The experimental XFC battery modules not only enhance mechanical properties and cooling capabilities but also prioritize recyclability and serviceability in their design.

Unlike traditional EV batteries that experience varying charging rates based on the battery’s state of charge, Polestar’s XFC technology demonstrated a steady charging rate throughout the process. The test showcased a charging speed increase from 310 kW at 10% SOC to over 370 kW at 80% SOC, highlighting the technology’s stable and efficient performance.

Furthermore, the successful test proved that XFC technology is compatible with current DC charging infrastructure, which includes high-power DC chargers of 350 kW or higher. This means that drivers can significantly reduce their charging time, with a 10-80% charge taking just 10 minutes, making it comparable to refueling a petrol car.

With consistent charge speeds and the ability to stop for just five minutes at 50% SOC and continue with over 80% SOC, XFC technology offers a game-changing solution to reduce charging time and enhance the overall driving experience for electric vehicle owners. This innovative technology paves the way for future Polestar vehicles to offer fast and efficient charging capabilities to consumers.


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