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Elevating Marketing Strategy and Amplifying Research Investments for Breast Cancer

May 3, 2024 | by The Jeuns

The National Breast Cancer Foundation is teaming up with marketing agency VML in a collaborative effort to enhance their marketing and customer experience strategy. The goal is to raise funds and invest in research to work towards their vision of Zero Deaths from breast cancer.

Together, the team will focus on developing an audience-centric approach to NBCF’s marketing strategy by utilizing centralized data to improve every aspect of the marketing journey. This includes creating a unified view of NBCF’s audiences and value propositions, mapping audience journeys, developing an implementation plan, and identifying operational enablers for future campaign success.

Andrew Bachelard, director of digital technology at NBCF, expressed the excitement about the partnership with VML, highlighting the alignment of VML’s innovative spirit with NBCF’s vision. The ultimate aim is to fund more research to reduce the 3,200 lives lost each year to breast cancer in Australia.

This collaboration marks one of VML’s first major projects since the merger of VMLY&R and Wunderman Thompson. Teams from Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth are joining forces for the first time to work on this important initiative.

Johan Borg, VML AUNZ chief growth officer, emphasized the significance of this project in making a real difference in the lives of thousands of people. The opportunity to contribute to such a meaningful cause was a driving force for the teams from all locations to unite and work towards the common goal.


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