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‘Elon Musk will purchase more than billion worth of NVIDIA’s latest B200 AI GPUs for xAI supercomputer’

June 4, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Tech mogul Elon Musk has announced plans to purchase 300,000 of NVIDIA’s cutting-edge Blackwell B200 AI GPUs in order to train xAI by next summer. In a recent statement, Musk expressed his excitement over the potential of the new B200 AI GPUs, which are set to significantly enhance the capabilities of his xAI supercomputer.

The new Blackwell B200 AI GPU boasts a 4x increase in AI training performance compared to its predecessor, the Hopper H100, and an astonishing 30x improvement in inference performance. Despite the higher power consumption of the B200 AI GPU, Musk believes that the substantial performance gains justify the investment.

While the upgrade from 100,000 H100 AI GPUs to 300,000 B200 AI GPUs may seem like a significant jump, the enhanced computing power that the new GPUs provide cannot be understated. NVIDIA’s announcement of the Blackwell AI GPU at GTC 2024 earlier this year has sparked a fervor among tech giants such as Microsoft, Meta, and Google, all of whom are vying for access to the advanced AI chips.

The demand for NVIDIA’s B200 AI GPUs underscores the growing importance of AI technology in various industries. As Musk and other industry leaders continue to invest in next-generation AI hardware, the race to develop more powerful and efficient AI systems is heating up.


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