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Embracing Individual Differences in Neurodevelopment

April 22, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Neurodiversity, a term blending neurological and diversity, is gaining attention on various platforms like TikTok and in pediatrician’s offices. It refers to the vast array of ways in which people’s brains function. According to Sarah England, a clinical neuropsychologist in New York, every individual’s mind is unique, but those that deviate from the conventional societal standard of cognitive processing are considered neurodivergent. While commonly associated with autism, neurodiversity also includes conditions like ADHD, OCD, and dyslexia.

Contrary to neurodivergence, the term neurotypicality does not equate to normalcy or abnormality. Being neurodivergent may present challenges in traditional learning methods or social interactions, but it can also highlight unique strengths in other areas. Embracing this inclusive term enables us to appreciate and celebrate our differences instead of stigmatizing them.

Cassie Hurwitz, an associate editor at Oprah Daily, navigates through a breadth of topics ranging from culture to entertainment to lifestyle. Her background includes stints at Parents, Rachael Ray In Season, and Reveal. An avid fan of pizza in all its forms, Cassie’s diverse interests mirror the essence of neurodiversity in celebrating individuality.


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