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Enhanced Editing: A Comprehensive Interface for Retouching Plugins by Jose Antunes

May 28, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Retouch4me has consolidated all of its AI retouching tools into one convenient interface called Adams. Named after photography pioneers Ansel Adams and Harry LeRoy Adams, this software caters to photographers looking to streamline their editing process.

If you are a user of multiple Retouch4me plugins, you can now seamlessly transition between different editing techniques without the need to continuously open and close plugins. With Retouch4me Adams, photographers can create new projects, access all their images from a selected folder, and apply edits using any Retouch4me plugin they own.

According to Retouch4me, Adams aims to honor the legacies of Ansel Adams and Harry LeRoy Adams by combining traditional photo editing practices with cutting-edge AI technology. By leveraging neural networks, Adams takes image retouching to a whole new level, allowing professionals to significantly reduce the time spent on large-volume retouching projects.

In addition to batch processing and seamless integration of AI-based plugins, Retouch4me Adams will soon introduce Automated Culling, a feature that promises to revolutionize how photographers sort and organize their photoshoots. This software is free to download and available for Windows and macOS users who meet the minimum system requirements.

For photographers seeking a more efficient and user-friendly editing experience, Retouch4me Adams offers a comprehensive solution that combines the best of traditional photo editing with advanced AI capabilities. Download Adams from the Retouch4me website and experience a new level of editing convenience today.


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