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Enhanced Support for Working Parents in the UK: Areas for Improvement

April 30, 2024 | by The Jeuns

UK Companies Prioritize Support for Working Parents

In response to Gallagher’s latest Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Report, UK businesses are stepping up their efforts to support working parents. The report reveals that 81% of organizations have implemented well-being strategies for working parents, a significant increase from just 15% the previous year. This surge in support indicates a growing recognition of the need for workplace evolution.

The rising cost of childcare has led many British parents to reduce their working hours or leave the workforce altogether, contributing to the 9 million UK adults who are unemployed or not actively seeking employment. With 97% of organizations now offering flexible working policies, it is clear that businesses are responding to the needs of parents seeking to balance their work and family responsibilities.

The report delves into key trends in employee benefits and engagement, highlighting the importance of a positive work culture and environment in organizational health. By providing actionable insights on aligning business strategy with effective internal communications, the report helps businesses engage employees, improve loyalty, and boost productivity, ultimately benefiting the bottom line.

Key statistics from the report include a significant increase in organizations offering enhanced parental leave pay (88%) and extended parental leave (40%, up 10% from the previous year). Additionally, 22% of organizations now provide tools and benefits to support new mothers during the crucial early stages of motherhood.

While these developments are positive, there is still room for improvement. Businesses are encouraged to further enhance parental leave policies, promote Shared Parental Leave (SPL), offer customized working schedules, build internal communities for parents, and expand the definition of “working parent.”

For HR professionals looking to retain and attract talent in today’s competitive landscape, this report serves as a blueprint for creating a work environment that supports meaningful work-life integration.

To learn more about the Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Report and how it can enhance organizational strategies, HR professionals can reach out to Gallagher directly or visit their website at


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