Equally AI providers Web Accessibility Reports: U.S Websites

Equally AI Reports: Web Accessibility Reports: U.S Websites

“Accessibility is not just a legal requirement, it also makes business sense.” -Ran Ronen, CEO, Equally AI

Equally AI, a leading provider of web accessibility solutions, has released a report highlighting the most accessible websites in the United States. The report, which covers college, news, e-commerce, sports, video streaming, and health websites, identifies the top five brands in each category based on their accessibility.

The report aims to raise awareness about the importance of web accessibility and highlight the brands that are leading the way in creating accessible online experiences for all users, including those with disabilities. By showcasing these brands, Equally AI hopes to inspire others to prioritize accessibility in their own digital products and promote a more inclusive internet.

To see the full report, visit https://equally.ai/resources/reports.

“Accessibility is not just a legal requirement, it also makes business sense,” said Ran Ronen, co-founder and CEO of Equally AI. “By creating accessible websites, businesses can reach a wider audience and provide a better user experience for all users. Our report highlights the brands that are doing an exceptional job of creating accessible websites and sets a benchmark for others to strive towards.”

The report was created using Flowy, the world’s first ChatGPT-powered web accessibility platform, which evaluates websites against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 standards. The top five brands in each category were selected based on their websites’ compliance and exemplary performance of these standards.

They demonstrated a strong commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, with features such as that make a difference to empower equal access for all users:

  • alternative text for images
  • proper semantic HTML markup
  • color contrast
  • keyboard navigation
  • screen reader compatibility
  • clear, concise language for easy comprehension

According to the data from the Centers for Disease Control, more than 61 million Americans live with disabilities, and WebAIM’s 2022 study revealed that the majority of websites globally do not meet accessibility standards. This means that these websites are missing out on the critical benefits of accessibility, such as a broader customer/user base and better user experience.

Equally AI’s report highlights the growing importance of digital accessibility and the need for business leaders to invest in accessible online platforms. The survey findings are useful for website owners, developers, and designers seeking to create more inclusive and accessible digital platforms.

“Moving forward, it is crucial that businesses prioritize accessibility and work towards achieving compliance with accessibility standards. Equally AI’s survey serves as a reminder that accessibility is attainable and that businesses have the power to make a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities. By prioritizing accessibility, businesses can expand their customer base and create a more inclusive digital world for all,” said Ronen.

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Equally AI offers a range of solutions and services to assist businesses in achieving compliance with accessibility standards. For further information, please visit http://www.equally.ai

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