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Expanding US Market Presence Through TikTok Live Streaming

April 25, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Designer toy and entertainment brand POP MART is taking TikTok live streaming by storm, revolutionizing the way customers interact with their products. The Asian brand, which is expanding its presence in the US, is bringing a new level of excitement to shopping through its live streams.

Unlike traditional sales tactics, POP MART’s live streams focus on engaging with viewers and inspiring excitement. Hosts on TikTok share sneak peeks of upcoming launches and perform live unboxings, allowing customers to have a personalized experience while feeling the anticipation and surprise typically associated with blind box products.

Currently streaming from their Beijing studio, POP MART is looking to establish a US location to cater to their growing fan base in the country. Since launching their US livestream channel in late November 2023, the brand has seen a significant increase in channel sales, tripling within just three months.

The success of POP MART’s live streaming approach showcases a new way for brands to connect with customers and drive sales. With plans for further US expansion in the future, POP MART aims to continue engaging with shoppers in dynamic ways and offering immersive shopping experiences to its fans and collectors.


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