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‘Exploring how generative AI boosts creativity and knowledge with LearnLM’

May 14, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Generative AI is revolutionizing the landscape of learning and education, ushering in innovative ways to support both educators and learners. This technology is propelling curiosity and comprehension to new heights, marking just the beginning of its potential to transform the way we perceive learning.

Introducing LearnLM, a new series of models finely tuned for learning, developed based on Gemini. Grounded in educational research and tailored to accommodate individual learning styles, LearnLM is the result of collaboration between Google DeepMind, Google Research, and product teams. The aim is to enhance learning experiences by making them more engaging, personalized, and beneficial. A technical report detailing the approach to improving generative AI for education has been released, highlighting the collaboration with AI and EdTech communities to responsibly maximize its positive impact and potential.

Working in conjunction with educators and learning experts, LearnLM incorporates principles of learning science into its models and the products they power. These principles include inspiring active learning, managing cognitive load, adapting to the learner’s needs, stimulating curiosity, and deepening metacognition.

LearnLM is being integrated into popular products such as Google Search, YouTube, and Gemini. For instance, Google Search will soon allow users to adjust AI overviews to suit their preferred format for understanding complex topics. Android’s Circle to Search feature will assist users with math and physics problems, including more complex ones involving symbolic formulas and graphs. Gemini will offer custom versions called Gems, with features like a learning coach providing study guidance and practice activities. Additionally, YouTube users can engage with a conversational AI tool to seek clarifications and take quizzes while watching academic videos.

These enhancements are set to enrich the learning experience across various platforms, with features already being rolled out to select users. As generative AI continues to evolve, the possibilities for reimagining learning are endless.


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