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Ezra Health collaborates with RAYUS Radiology to offer AI-enhanced full body MRI scans.

April 15, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Ezra Health, an imaging AI startup, has recently partnered with RAYUS Radiology, a medical diagnostic imaging company, to bring its advanced imaging services to 150 RAYUS locations across the United States. Ezra Health specializes in full-body MRI scans that utilize artificial intelligence to monitor for over 500 conditions in 13 different organs.

One of Ezra Health’s flagship offerings, Ezra Flash, received FDA approval last year. This innovative technology uses image processing software to make MRI scans more efficient and enhance the quality of imaging results. The goal of Ezra Health is to detect cancer early, as it is most curable when identified at an early stage. Emi Gal, the founder and CEO of Ezra Health, expressed excitement about the partnership with RAYUS and the opportunity to make Ezra’s services more accessible to people across the U.S.

The New York-based imaging startup secured million in seed funding in 2018, with investments from Accomplice, Founders Future, Seedcamp, Esther Dyson, and Credo Ventures. This funding enabled Ezra Health to prepare its MRI scanning product for FDA approval. In 2020, Ezra gained FDA clearance for its prostate-focused tool, supporting the diagnosis and measurement of prostate and prostate lesions.

In addition to its innovative imaging solutions, Ezra recently launched an AI-enabled solution called Ezra Reporter that converts complex radiology reports into easy-to-understand medical reports using artificial intelligence technology.

RAYUS Radiology, headquartered in Minnesota, expanded its network in 2021 with the acquisition of Florida-based Diagnostic Centers of America, growing its presence to 148 diagnostic centers nationwide. In 2022, RAYUS partnered with Fujifilm to introduce Fujifilm’s Synapse Enterprise Information System to RAYUS locations, providing advanced radiology-specific solutions, administrative dashboards, and patient engagement tools. This partnership aims to enhance the overall imaging experience for patients across their growing network of diagnostic centers.


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