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First Vinyl Press in the US Powered Entirely by Solar Energy

April 23, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Audiodrome Record Pressing, the first entirely in-house solar-powered vinyl pressing plant in the US, has opened its doors in Gainesville, Florida. The project is the brainchild of Dave Newell and Betsy Bemis, who aim to reduce the environmental impact of vinyl production while keeping up with the increasing demand for vinyl records.

The resurgence of vinyl has led to a surge in production, causing challenges in meeting demand and dealing with the environmental consequences of vinyl pressing. Audiodrome aims to address these issues by implementing sustainable practices, including a fully solar-powered facility and steamless record presses with closed-loop chiller systems. By avoiding the use of fossil fuels and minimizing water usage, Audiodrome is committed to minimizing its environmental footprint.

In addition to using recycled PVC for new records, Audiodrome will also offer a “Bio-Vinyl” option by May 2024. This initiative aligns with the company’s mission to support independent artists by providing a transparent and enjoyable experience for bringing their projects to life. The company has also collaborated with packaging companies to develop eco-friendly exterior packaging options.

“Audiodrome is dedicated to evolving the industry towards more sustainable practices,” says Bemis. “Real change requires a collective effort from suppliers, presses, artists, and customers. While new materials may present challenges, it is essential for us to prioritize ethical considerations in our operations.”

By prioritizing environmental sustainability and supporting independent artists, Audiodrome is setting a new standard in the vinyl pressing industry. Their commitment to innovation and sustainability serves as a model for the future of music production.


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