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Focus on Redwood City’s Affordable Housing and Transportation in State of the City Address

March 19, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Redwood City Mayor Jeff Gee highlighted the city’s dedication to addressing the housing crisis during the annual State of the City address. Redwood City was the first in San Mateo County to have an approved housing element by the state, showcasing its commitment to providing housing.

The City Council reported reaching 13% of the Regional Housing Needs Allocation goal to develop 4,588 units by 2031. Updates to municipal and zoning codes have streamlined the process of approving projects, resulting in the entitlement of 316 units and permits for 586 units over the past year.

Transportation, youth programs, and climate change mitigation were also key accomplishments noted during the address. One priority project is the upgrade of the 101 and Woodside Road interchange, aimed at enhancing regional mobility and safety.

Youth programs have seen increased participation, with over 2,000 youth involved in after-school sports leagues and 4,000 in summer camps. The city’s library programs have also been well-received, with 62,000 attendees in various programs.

Looking ahead, the city plans to release a finalized report on the impact of sea level rise and conduct community outreach events focused on mitigation and adaptation strategies. Mayor Gee emphasized the need for adequate funding to support these projects and address ongoing challenges.

Overall, Redwood City is making significant strides in housing, transportation, youth engagement, and climate change resilience, setting a positive trajectory for the city’s future.


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