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‘Four Visionary Leaders Join Foundation’

May 1, 2024 | by The Jeuns

The Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida has recently welcomed four new members to its board of directors: John Phelan, Kate MacGregor, Nick Wiley, and Kathy Barco. Each of these individuals brings a unique set of skills, leadership, and dedication to conservation that will greatly benefit the Foundation’s strategic direction and impact on preserving Florida’s wildlife and outdoor heritage.

John Phelan, known for his success in finance and investment as the co-founder of MSD Partners and chairman of Rugger Management, LLC, combines his local roots and love for Florida’s outdoors to provide a strategic perspective on resource management and fundraising initiatives. As a proud Floridian and avid fisherman, John’s passion for the outdoors is a valuable asset to the Foundation’s mission.

Kate MacGregor, with her extensive experience in environmental policy as Vice President of Environmental Services at NextEra Energy and former Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior, brings a proactive approach to conservation and sustainable development. Her leadership in navigating complex regulatory landscapes will be instrumental in shaping the Foundation’s conservation strategies.

Nick Wiley, Chief Operating Officer for Ducks Unlimited, Inc., and former Executive Director of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, offers unparalleled expertise in wildlife management and conservation. With decades of experience in Florida’s ecological landscape, Nick has a proven track record of fostering connections between communities and conservation initiatives to enhance the Foundation’s outreach and impact.

Kathy Barco, a seasoned leader in both business and conservation sectors, brings her longstanding commitment to Florida’s natural heritage to the Board. As the former chair of the FWC, Kathy’s experience provides a valuable perspective on sustainable management while her personal dedication to wild Florida is unmatched.

Laura Russell, the Foundation’s board chair, expressed excitement about the new members joining the board, highlighting their diverse experiences and shared passion for preserving Florida’s unique wildlife and habitats. She believes their contributions will greatly enhance the Foundation’s conservation efforts.

The Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and other partners in conserving Florida’s native animals, plants, and the lands and waters they depend on. As a statewide community foundation for conservation, the Foundation has raised and donated over million to protect nature and our outdoor heritage. More information can be found at


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