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‘Fresh Accord Aims at Hydrogen Projects in the Nordic Region’

April 16, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Provaris Energy and Norwegian Hydrogen AS have recently announced a partnership to advance the development of several sites in the Nordic region for large-scale hydrogen production and export to European markets. The projects will leverage locally available renewable energy sources to produce hydrogen for shipment to European ports, aiding energy-intensive industries in their decarbonization efforts. The strategic locations chosen for these initiatives have strong grid connections and power supplies, enabling the construction of electrolyzers and hydrogen compression facilities connected to export jetties.

Provaris’ innovative H2Neo carriers will transport the hydrogen, while the H2Leo barge will serve as storage, creating a circular economy by utilizing by-products like clean oxygen and waste heat in local industries and district heating systems. Norwegian Hydrogen’s CEO, Jens Berge, emphasized the importance of establishing a network of production sites and distribution infrastructure across the Nordic region to reduce emissions. The focus on gaseous hydrogen production and direct transportation to customers in continental Europe reflects their commitment to sustainability and efficiency.

In the coming year, the partnership plans to select sites for further pre-feasibility studies, with a focus on production and export logistics, including safety, environmental, and regulatory considerations. Provaris is also making progress on its H2Neo carrier, with prototype testing in Norway aiming for final construction approvals by mid-2024. This collaboration represents a significant step towards advancing hydrogen production and distribution in the Nordic region, contributing to European decarbonization efforts and the transition to a more sustainable energy future.


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