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Grid Modernisation Initiative Implemented in Three US States

April 10, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Tantalus Systems, a grid modernization tech company, is launching two initiatives across three US states to enhance distribution grids. The first initiative involves collaborating with Bolivar Energy Authority (BEA) in Tennessee and Massachusetts. BEA has selected Tantalus Systems to deploy the Tantalus Grid Modernization Platform (TGMP) on their distribution grids. This partnership will utilize Tantalus’ TRUSense Fiber Gateway to leverage BEA’s advanced fiber network.

Additionally, United Illuminating, a subsidiary of Avangrid in Connecticut, has initiated a pilot program featuring Tantalus’ TRUSense Gateway and TRUSync solution. This program aims to test the capabilities of Tantalus’ technology in a real-world setting.

BEA’s decision to partner with Tantalus Systems was influenced by the desire to maximize their existing infrastructure investments, specifically in their Fiber to the Home Project. By utilizing Tantalus’ solutions, BEA aims to enhance their AMI network, adopt advanced applications, and better support their community.

Peter Londa, President, and CEO of Tantalus Systems, expressed excitement about BEA joining their user community and highlighted the increasing trend of utilities leveraging data for grid modernization efforts. The TRUSense Gateway, an essential component of TGMP, is designed to accelerate the distribution grid’s modernization by integrating DERs and analyzing power quality data.

In a separate initiative, United Illuminating in Connecticut is taking part in the Innovative Energy Solutions (IES) Program to deploy Tantalus’ technology in collaboration with other industry leaders. This program focuses on demand-side flexibility and aims to optimize electricity consumption through innovative solutions.

Tantalus Systems’ participation in these initiatives underscores the company’s commitment to providing secure, flexible, and affordable grid modernization solutions. By leveraging their technology architecture, Tantalus aims to support utilities in their efforts to enhance grid resiliency and efficiency.

These initiatives reflect a growing trend in the energy industry towards leveraging advanced technologies to modernize grid infrastructure and improve overall operations. The partnership between Tantalus Systems and BEA, as well as United Illuminating’s pilot program, exemplify the industry’s shift towards data-driven, innovative solutions for a more sustainable energy future.


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