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‘Ikea Implements AI Literacy Training Program for 3,500 Workers’

April 23, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Ingka Group, the parent company of Ikea Retail, is taking significant steps to enhance the AI literacy within its organization. The company has set ambitious goals to provide AI training to about 3,000 employees and 500 executives. This initiative includes a range of courses tailored to employees at different levels and stages of their AI journey, with the aim of fostering a deep understanding of AI and ensuring that Ikea’s values are reflected in the use of this technology.

The training topics will vary from AI Fundamentals to specialized courses like Responsible AI, Mastering Gen AI, and Algorithmic Training for Ethics. Ikea is also focusing on attracting talent through an Accelerator Program designed for individuals with a Masters or PhD in data science, machine learning, or large language models.

Moreover, Ikea is actively developing AI tools both in-house and in collaboration with suppliers. One such tool, Hej Copilot, created with Microsoft, assists employees in various tasks such as test and image creation, idea generation, and presentation crafting.

Parag Parekh, CDO of Ikea Retail, emphasized the company’s belief in utilizing technology to enhance creativity, efficiency, and outcomes. He stated, “Our vision is clear. It’s about enhancing the capabilities of coworkers through technology, ensuring that Ikea continues to be the place where innovation and compassion go hand in hand.”

In January 2024, Ingka Group celebrated the success of its AI-powered demand sensing technology, attributing “game-changing results” to its implementation. Additionally, Ikea introduced a generative AI home design tool for customers in February 2024, showcasing the retailer’s commitment to leveraging advanced technologies for improved customer experiences.


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