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Improving Financial and Trade Hub of UAE through Payment Development Initiatives

June 18, 2024 | by The Jeuns

The UAE is making significant strides in enhancing its role as a financial and trade hub through various payment development initiatives. The recent meeting of the UAE’s Steering Committee and National SWIFT User Group, chaired by Mr. Jamal Saleh, Director General of the UAE Banks Federation, focused on reviewing ongoing initiatives and emphasizing the country’s strategic importance in the global finance and trade ecosystem.

During the meeting, key outcomes included the approval and review of past decisions and current action plans to ensure seamless progress. Particularly lauded were efforts supervised by the Central Bank of the UAE in refining payment processes to enhance efficiency and security in banking transfers. These efforts are crucial for maintaining the UAE’s competitiveness in the global financial market and ensuring a resilient and trustworthy banking infrastructure.

The National Payment Systems Strategy, launched in 2019, plays a vital role in fostering innovative payment solutions and enhancing customer experiences through an instant payment platform. This strategy aims to reinforce the UAE’s position in digital advancement, innovation, resilience, and security within the banking sector.

The SWIFT User Group, established in 2021, has been instrumental in improving payment operations by providing a platform for knowledge exchange and informed decision-making. The group leverages the expertise of SWIFT’s global network members to enhance banking practices and develop the skills of banking professionals in the UAE.

Efforts driven by the Steering Committee focus on digital transformation, cooperation, and streamlining payment processes to meet the evolving needs of the banking sector. These initiatives align with the Central Bank’s policies to develop secure and efficient payment systems in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

The UAE’s strategic goal of doubling non-oil foreign trade relies on efficient and secure payment systems to facilitate seamless trade exchanges and boost economic growth. The upcoming participation in the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication Conference (SIBOS) in Beijing aims to enhance cooperation with international financial institutions and technology providers, fostering global financial collaborations.

The UAE’s focus on technological advancements, such as blockchain and AI, has led to a 20% increase in digital payment adoption among residents. The country’s advanced financial infrastructure, coupled with a robust regulatory environment, has positioned it among the top 10 countries globally for ease of doing business.

In conclusion, the UAE’s commitment to strategic initiatives, expert training, global cooperation, and technological adoption ensures its continued leadership in the global financial landscape. By fostering innovation and collaboration within the banking sector, the UAE remains resilient, adaptable, and competitive in a rapidly evolving financial environment.


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