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‘Innovative New ALCHEM-E Series Electronic Drums Revealed’

May 10, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Zildjian, a well-known name in the world of cymbals, has recently ventured into the realm of electronic drum kits with the release of their new ALCHEM-E series. This marks their first foray into the creation of full drum kits, showcasing their commitment to innovation and evolving with the times.

The ALCHEM-E series features the new Zildjian E-FAMILY cymbals, designed to provide drummers with an authentic acoustic cymbal feel, response, nuance, and aesthetic. These cymbals incorporate the Zildjian Trigger System, offering unparalleled triggering accuracy and sensitivity for a truly immersive drumming experience.

Zildjian CEO, John Stephans, highlighted the company’s dedication to addressing the limitations of electronic drumming, particularly the lackluster rubber cymbal pads. By leveraging their expertise in cymbal technology that spans over 400 years, Zildjian aims to deliver a realistic and authentic playing experience across the entire kit.

A strategic move made by Zildjian two years ago was the acquisition of BAC Audio, a team of master electronic instrument engineers founded by Ikuo Kakehashi. This collaboration merges centuries of cymbal-making knowledge with cutting-edge electronic percussion capabilities, propelling Zildjian to new heights in the electronic drumming market.

The ALCHEM-E series is available in three configurations, each offering a unique blend of quality and performance. From the Compact poplar/basswood hybrid shell to the 7-ply North American maple shell options, drummers have the flexibility to choose a kit that suits their style and preferences.

In conclusion, Zildjian’s venture into electronic drum kits with the ALCHEM-E series represents a significant milestone in the company’s history. By combining tradition with modern technology, Zildjian continues to push boundaries and redefine what is possible in the world of drumming.


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