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Instagram’s Threads introduces option to mute specific post notifications and control quotes

May 21, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Meta-owned social media platform Threads has introduced new features to enhance user experience and provide more control over interactions. Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced that users can now mute notifications for specific posts, giving them the ability to silence conversations that may be overwhelming. This update offers more flexibility compared to the previous option of turning off all notifications.

Additionally, users can now limit who can quote their posts, choosing to allow quotes from everyone, only people they follow, or disabling the feature entirely. Users also have the option to manually unquote posts, empowering them to manage how their content is shared and discussed on the platform. These features were tested with a small group of users and have now been rolled out to the entire Threads community due to their popularity and positive feedback.

Threads has also been experimenting with a new web interface that resembles TweetDeck, allowing users to view multiple timelines and customize their feeds. The customizable columns and real-time post updates on this interface offer a more comprehensive view of the Threads platform. Although there is no official release date for this new interface, its introduction is expected to further enhance the user experience.

These updates demonstrate Threads’ commitment to providing users with more control over their interactions and fostering a personalized social media experience. As the platform continues to evolve, users can look forward to more improvements and enhancements in the future.


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