DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Integrated Water Services, Inc. (“IWS”), a leading provider of water and wastewater treatment solutions, has announced its acquisition of Hyperion International Technologies, LLC (“Hyperion”), a well-known developer of industrial control systems for the water sector. IWS, in partnership with Sciens Water Opportunities Management, LLC (“Sciens Water”), has acquired 100% of the equity of Hyperion.

The acquisition of Hyperion expands IWS’s product and service solutions, advances its digital services strategy and places the company at the forefront of water treatment equipment and service providers in North America.

Hyperion, headquartered in Austin, TX, provides control systems and engineering services for industrial and municipal clients in the water and wastewater treatment markets. The company specializes in designing and supplying equipment for process and control projects, as well as commissioning and supporting industrial and municipal plant owners.

Scott Johnson, General Manager of Hyperion, stated, “We are thrilled to join forces with IWS. We see this as an excellent opportunity to build something special while protecting the environment and conserving water as a precious resource.”

“Hyperion marks a significant milestone in establishing itself as a leading water infrastructure equipment and services provider in North America,” said Rick Barrett, CEO of Integrated Water Services. “Hyperion’s capabilities strengthen our technology, high-quality products, and expert field installation offerings, allowing us to provide customers with a streamlined and comprehensive service.”

As a result of the acquisition, Scott Johnson will take over from Al Ouchie as the head of Hyperion, who will retire after a planned transition period.

“Acquiring Hyperion is the next step in IWS’s broader strategy to scale production of wastewater reuse technologies,” said Alexander Loucopoulos, Partner at Sciens Water. “IWS is bringing a fully integrated MBR product to market and offering one of the best wastewater treatment solutions in the middle market.”

About Integrated Water Services, Inc.

Integrated Water Services, Inc. (IWS) provides comprehensive water and wastewater treatment solutions by modernizing treatment plants, installing decentralized modular MBR treatment plants, designing and building new plants for industrial and municipal customers, and integrating advanced digital technologies into plant systems. With a strong focus on turn-key solutions, IWS has established itself as a leading field services provider for water and wastewater solutions throughout the Western United States and Texas. The company is committed to developing state-of-the-art drinking water, wastewater, and water reuse plant infrastructure and ensuring that its clients receive the highest quality services and support.

About Hyperion International Technologies, LLC

Hyperion International Technologies provides expert engineering services in water treatment, chemical, environmental and control systems, and associated instrumentation used for industrial process control. Hyperion’s team implements proven technology solutions that are reliable and maintainable while striving to minimize the total cost of ownership and maximize return on investment.

About Sciens Water Opportunities Management, LLC

Sciens Water is an affiliate of Sciens Capital Management, LLC, an alternative asset management firm founded in 1994. With headquarters in New York and offices in London and Guernsey, Sciens launched the Sciens Water Opportunities Fund in 2018 to invest in the U.S. water sector. Sciens’ approach is to identify the biggest challenges facing the U.S. water and wastewater industry today and solve them through the formation and development of national and regional leading companies that seek to meet these challenges.