New Feature Release 2.0.0

“We are thrilled to empower Jobma users with meaningful AI capabilities which have been meticulously crafted over several years to provide them with ethical AI solutions.”– said Krishna Kant, Jobma’s Managing Partner.

Jobma has announced a significant update that will leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to provide recruiters and Hiring Managers with more meaningful information for making better hiring decisions. This update includes innovative features that streamline the interview and screening process using video interview software.

One of the most exciting new features is AI Transcription, which automatically transcribes video interviews into text format. With AI Transcription, recruiters can quickly review and analyse candidates’ responses, saving valuable time and making more informed hiring decisions. These transcriptions can also be shared along with the interview videos with other stakeholders.

Jobma’s AI Interview transcriptions can be an invaluable tool for hiring candidates. Transcribing interviews taken by Jobma’s video recruiting software can help keep accurate interview records. To Jobma’s users, this can be helpful in situations where they need to revisit the interview notes to make informed hiring decisions.

Another critical feature is AI Emotional Analysis, which enables Jobma’s users to analyse a candidate’s emotions during a video interview using the power of Artificial Intelligence. This gives recruiters valuable insights into the candidate’s emotional state, which can help make informed hiring decisions.

Jobma’s AI emotional analysis will help its users improve the interview process by providing additional insights into a candidate’s emotional responses and thereby reducing the potential for bias. By leveraging this technology, Jobma hopes organizations can make the interview process more effective, efficient, and fair.

Jobma has also introduced Live Proctoring, an advanced feature that enables recruiters to monitor and control online interviews or exams in real time. This feature helps ensure the hiring process is fair, unbiased, and transparent by detecting and preventing cheating or other forms of misconduct.

Live Proctoring provided by Jobma can be incredibly flexible. Just like its Video interview software suite, it can fit any specific use case – recruitment or non-recruitment- perfectly without changing how Jobma’s users hire or evaluate candidates. It also creates a fairer interview process, leading to better-quality candidates coming through the interview pipeline. And lastly, Live Proctoring can also help users judge a candidate based on their actual performance in a Live environment.

In addition to these new features, Jobma has also improved its existing branding features based on user feedback. Interview branding has been revamped, enabling users to set up interviews with multiple branding options. This is particularly useful for Staffing and Recruitment firms that need to set up interviews for numerous clients.

“It is our pleasure to present Jobma’s latest features, including AI Transcription, AI Emotional Analysis, and Live Proctoring, which have been meticulously crafted over several years to provide our clients with ethical AI solutions. We are optimistic that these new features and improvements will completely transform the hiring process for our clients by offering them the valuable advantages of AI technology, helping them to hire more efficiently, effectively, and economically.”– said Krishna Kant, Jobma’s Managing Partner.

Jobma is an award-winning Digital Interview Software used by companies of all sizes to hire better candidates in a shorter period. These new features and improvements, Jobma continues to be the leading Video Interview software solution in its category.

These new features are available immediately to all Jobma users. Current users can contact the Jobma support team to upgrade and use these new features and improvements.

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