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Kelowna Airport Construction Project Begins First Phase of Long-Term Plan

May 24, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Kelowna International Airport is currently undergoing a major construction project with a total cost of 2 million. The first phase of the project, which is currently underway with a 8 million investment, will see significant improvements to the terminal. This includes doubling the size of the departure lounge, expanding security screening, adding six screening lanes, and increasing food and shopping options for departing passengers.

As the construction progresses, passengers can expect some delays, with up to 15-minute waits for aircraft due to work on a new taxiway. The entire project is set to span four phases over the next 15 years in order to meet the growing demands of the airport. With a record 2.1 million passengers expected this year, the upgrades are crucial to accommodate the increased traffic.

In addition to the terminal expansion, the airport will also be adding a 250-room hotel and a 1,100-vehicle parkade. Mayor Tom Dyas believes that the airport’s growth will have a positive impact on the entire region, with discussions underway about the potential economic development opportunities that the expansion could bring.

The construction project aims to create a more traditional airport experience for passengers, with enhanced facilities and services to improve overall traveler experience. Despite potential delays, the improvements are necessary for the airport to meet the growing demands of passenger traffic.

Overall, the multi-phase construction project at Kelowna International Airport represents a significant investment in improving airport facilities and services. The upgrades will not only benefit outgoing passengers but also contribute to the region’s economic development. With record passenger numbers expected, the construction work is essential to ensure the airport can handle the increasing traffic. Once completed, travelers can look forward to a more modern and efficient airport experience in the years to come.


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